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The Best Warm Up Procedure For Women

What really counts as the number one fitness routine for females? We’ve rounded up the most effective methods for you to go by when starting to workout. A good ladies fitness tip when it comes to working out is warming up. Start by stretching and yoga, what you want to do is relax your muscles so you won’t strain yourself. Thats extremely important when it comes to building yourself. The last thing that you want is a delay in your plans because you got injured.


Warm Up Continue

When it comes to stretching you are going to want to start with your legs, begin by standing and  spread your legs far apart, then lean to your right leg while bending your knee and hold it for about two minutes, then do the same thing to your left leg. After that take your right arm and with your left hand pull your right arm to the left side for one minute, then do the same to your left arm. From there you’re going to commence jumping jacks. If you do not know how to perform jumping jacks its simple, you basically start hoping in place while spreading your legs and closing your legs follow by clapping your hands.

Next Step

Going to more complicated moves in ladies fitness, in this section what you are going to need is two five pound dumbbells. With the dumbbells you are going to start with lunges. What are lunges the way you start is by putting your right leg forward lean on it while bending your knees and make sure to have the weights on your chest, then lower the dumbbells as you are coming down. You’re going to want to do the same thing to your left leg, now when doing lunges make sure to do about 20 sets in a row. The whole purpose in doing these warm ups is to get your heart pumping and to prepare the muscles.


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